What’s the Future of Computer Forensics?

A student requested me a fascinating problem today, concerning what I foresee in the field of Personal computer forensics in the coming years: 5, ten, & fifty. Here’s the concern, my response – and, pricey reader, I’d really like to hear your comments.

Mr. Burgess,

I want to thanks yet again for taking the time to talk to me. I would like to talk to you A further problem if you don’t brain, it really is concerning the long term difficulties and/or challenges in the field of computer forensics. In your skilled feeling, How can you see it five, 10, and 50 yrs from now? I’m looking forward in your response.

My reaction:

An interesting query!

1st, allow me to declare that I haven’t got a professional feeling about the longer term, just a private and educated just one. In my profession, I am able to only genuinely have a specialist impression about stuff I have labored on and so can’t have one about the longer term right until I get my time device set!


As for five several years from now, I see 3 issues continuing to progress at a rapid clip:

1: Components -The size of storage media & memory as well as velocity of processors.

I be expecting that in 5 several years, desktops will occur normal with 5TB or maybe more of storage and that transportable media like flash drives will have some thing like 250GB of information – what the standard harddrive was Keeping one or two several years in the past. In 5 a long time, personal computers will most likely be seven or eight times speedier. So these items will maintain plenty and plenty extra data and people will fill them up with plenty & heaps extra data.Consequently, Every single Computer system forensics position will require sorting by means of and analyzing many times much more information than right now.

2: Computer Forensic Instruments – The capabilities, automatic nature and cost of Laptop or computer forensic instruments.

I assume that in 5 several years, computer forensic equipment is going to be about five occasions as speedy, and twice as subtle. That means that even with all the additional facts, the typical, non-automatic occupation will acquire with regard to the exact effort because it does now.

On the other hand, a lot of automatic tools for selection and Original processing are beginning to be unveiled. These resources can be utilized by considerably less-properly trained persons, so it could be that facts assortment and preliminary processing is going to be speedier on account of automation.

I assume that the cost of Pc forensic tools will not go down in relative phrases. Nevertheless, more Open up Supply forensic applications are going to be readily available for free for the people willing to figure out how to use them.

3: Undesirable fellas – Anti-forensics resources & strategies, sophistication of hackers

You can find usually a race between how damaging software package and cyber-marauders can be as well as the defenses in opposition to them. There may be also software package frequently becoming created to stump investigation by erasing or scrambling traces of wrongdoing. This pattern will proceed to accelerate and there will carry on to be an uneasy equilibrium concerning the two sides, with a lot of collateral problems. Typically, persons will continue on to forget about to hide or include all in their tracks and there’ll nevertheless normally be proof to seek out.

Ten Decades.

Ten decades from now is far harder to predict.

The sphere itself is just not a lot of more mature than that.

Every thing I claimed for your 5-yr time-frame will continue for being rather true.

Small storage units weighing an ounce will maintain many Terabytes of knowledge; difficult drives or their replacements will hold Petabytes and equally styles of devices will likely be quite economical.

Pcs by themselves can be very diverse than what we’re used to, will most likely fully grasp human speech very well and will probably be fairly clever, dashing up the ability to rely on them.

Mainly because pcs is going to be so intelligent, the role of the pc forensics examiner might change. Testifying industry experts will need to obtain an all the more advanced familiarity with the computer software /components /wetware interactions and may have to specialize even further.

Malware might have gotten the upper hand by then, or might not have – it is vitally difficult to say.